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The Top 7 Tips to Become Highly Effective Working From Home

Are you one of the millions who are now working from home because of COVID-19? This is for you if you want to be more effective, confident, impactful, and healthy while working from home.

Working from home presents some unique challenges particularly if this is not your typical routine. You must learn to manage yourself, your time, and your workplace properly if you want to be more effective with your work.

Motivation, productivity, and willpower are extremely important because those who work alone most of the time may tend to slack off and procrastinate.

However, we all know that motivation is not going to last. And no matter how motivated we are, we will be affected by moods when we just don’t feel like working. It is essential that we learn to manage our environment and take charge of our workplace.

Here Are 7 Tips . . .

to help you to change your environment rather than letting the environment to determine your future.

man working from home

1. Designate and Organize a Work-only Space

Do what you can to find a private space you can make your own while you’re working at home. Even the president gets out of the family space when he does office work. It can increase productivity, and it also allows you to separate work from your personal life. Then, organize and keep it tidy. A messy table full of papers and clutter is a significant distraction. When everything is organized, it will be easier for you to focus on the task at hand.

2. Add Some Decorations

Rather than staring at an empty wall, put something there that will improve your performance. Inspirational pictures can boost your energy level. Placing green plants nearby can help release stress and improve your mood. Putting up a vision board with an image of what you want to achieve will energize you and help you maintain momentum.

3. Allow for Natural Sunlight and Airflow for Health

Studies have shown that an environment that allows exposure to natural sunlight tends to improve your productivity. Also, be sure there is adequate airflow such as ceiling fans and outside air. It’s easy to get caught up in work and forget to eat or stay hydrated during the day. Stick to your usual mealtimes, and stock up on healthy food to resist the temptation to snack all day.

4. Get A Comfortable Chair

When you work from home, you will be sitting and facing your computer most of the time. A comfortable, high quality chair is a significant investment in your well-being and productivity. Be sure your computer screen and keyboard are ergonomically current to minimize strain on you neck and shoulders. A straight back chair at the kitchen table is not going to work for long.


5. Disconnect From Timewasters and Distractions

Social media is one of the main timewasters of people who work from home. In fact, social media distracts almost everyone. Turn off all notification and get an app that blocks social media use during working hours. Limit social media time to after prime working hours. This may be a great time to unsubscribe from anything that shows up in your email inbox that does not contribute to achieving your highest priority. Becoming more effective will require more self-discipline in how you manage the use of your time. The most effective people have simply formed the habits of doing what ineffective people are not willing to do. What’s on your vision board and how important is it for you to achieve them?

6. Plan and Schedule Your Work

To work effectively at home or anywhere else, you must plan and schedule your work. Begin by listing what you intend to accomplish in order of their importance and estimate the time required. Next, schedule that time and stay on schedule. Minimize interruptions and distractions and get right back where you left off when they do occur. Build in exercise time. Working from home means you’re out of your regular routine. You’re not moving around your office or stopping at the gym on your way home. Make exercise a part of your new routine. Schedule it on your calendar or set a reminder on your phone. There are tons of ways to get in a workout from home—especially now, since a number of gyms and fitness experts have put their workouts online for free.

7. Time-Block Your Most Productive Hours

Time-blocking is my favorite time management technique because it effectively provides high impact results. As part of scheduling your work, block a chunk of time for each task and do nothing else during that time. Then, take a break and get away from your work area. Get up, move around, stretch, and go outside to get a bit of fresh air. Consider the Pomodoro Technique developed in the 1980s by Francesco Cirillo, which suggests working for 25 minutes, and then take a 5-minute break. This is one 30-minute session. Work for 3 sessions and then take a 30-minute break before continuing. Customize the technique to fit in your work rhythm. The key here is to take small rest breaks to maintain your energy throughout the day. Suffering burnout is not sustainable.

Be Sure To Maintain Positive Home Relationships

Someone has suggested we call the six-foot distance rule “physical” distance, instead of “social” distance. Working at home with others 24/7 may present some challenges relating. Understanding each others behavioral preferences can help.

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