How to Develop the Emotional Intelligence Necessary To Support a Thriving Agile Culture

The more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) our working environments become, the more critical a truly agile workforce is to success. Each day, we’re called to make progress faster, while pivoting on short notice and stand firm in our ideas while remaining open to new perspectives. Staying agile demands that we develop and use our emotional intelligence (EQ)—a level of sophistication never demanded before.

Sound daunting? it doesn’t have to be.


Agility Starts with Developing EQ

What do you mean by “agile” EQ?
There are different ways to be emotionally intelligent, and different situations that call on us to use our EQ. The term “agile EQ” refers to how effectively and efficiently you can adapt to a social or emotional situation to solve the problem at hand—because an approach that works well in one situation won’t always work in the next. But sometimes we reach for the same responses out of habit, even when the situation is begging us to rethink our approach. This type of reaction leaves people and organizations resistant, and unprepared to solve the dynamic and diverse challenges that come their way.

Everything DiSC Agile EQ teaches learners how to apply the wide range of responses they have to handle social and emotionally charged situations, and reach for those that could be uncomfortable yet better suited for the unique challenges they’re facing. This empowers learners to become more effective and better equipped to meet the demands of today’s changing workplace, particularly with the world-wide current health and financial crises.


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