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“Bob’s work with my staff paid immediate dividends. Top Talent techniques and coaching made my team stronger and me happier. I was able to tailor the program to meet the specific needs of key team members and help them grow. A true win-win experience.”
Harvey Schmitt, CEO, Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

“Throughout the last dozen years or so I have relied on Bob’s expert counsel and advice, both personally as well as for my various teams. Bob has refined and honed a leadership philosophy and style that is applicable to almost any leader or team that wants to move to the next level. He is efficient, accessible and dependable and I highly recommend his work.”
Tommy Mayes, CEO, Piedmont Trust Company

“Bob has worked with me as a consultant, coach and trainer since 2007, and has brought an enormous amount of enthusiasm to everything he undertook. He is an effective personal coach who believes that each good employee can become a top employee through personal coaching by their manager and Bob himself. If an organization is dedicated at all levels to unleashing each employee’s full talent potential then I have no hesitation in recommending Bob to help the organization achieve this.”
Bob Starkes, Former IT and Not for Profit Executive

“Bob Moore “Executive Coach par excellence!” comes to mind when recommending him as a trusted mentor and facilitator to a CEO or the senior management team. Bob’s multi-faceted experience in all aspects of organization development and talent management equip him to assist senior executives one to one in the challenges they face in their organizations and in professional life. Bob is perceptive, creative, a superb listener and a strong conceptual thinker who facilitates workable and effective solutions in collaboration with his clients. A coaching experience with Bob is unique, rewarding and extremely valuable.”
Dr. Shayne Tracy CMC Senior Certified Master Coach,

“In the area of organization development, Bob is a pro. He has worked with me on multiple projects to achieve organizational transformation. His unassuming style facilitates learning, understanding, and forward progress.”
Jim Kissane, Former IT executive

If your team lacks luster and needs improvement than Bob Moore has the right ingredients to assist you in polishing them into a high-performing team. We have worked with Bob for over six months. In that time, we’ve learned (among other things) how to better communicate which has resulted in increased productivity. Bob Moore is hands down the best professional management/team coach in the southeast! If you need to rejuvenate a team or sharpen your own management skills, hire Bob Moore.
Ed Roberts, Marketing Manager, Technical Services Company

“Bob’s Top Talent book is both informative and inspiring. I have referred him to my clients and they have raved about his work. His expertise goes beyond clients too. Bob is a consultant’s consultant and coach’s coach! He taught me more about consulting and coaching when I entered these fields 25 years ago than any other single person or book in my library. Bob taught me that coaching is about bringing what’s inside an executive out and consulting is about putting what’s missing in an organization in. The two skills go hand in hand. So whether you need a coach or consultant you can’t go wrong with my friend and mentor Bob Moore.”
Rod Jurado, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Not-for-profit Board Chair

“Bob Moore understands what it takes to turn your employees into top talent. His years of coaching on both an individual and institutional level give him a perspective on employee performance that is truly unique. Bob is also a talented speaker and facilitator whose workshops are fast moving, interesting and highly beneficial.”
Mitch Vigeveno, Entrepreneur, Executive Search Professional 

“I have worked with Bob on several organizational development projects, helping my teams realize their capacity and strengths. His facilitation style is energetic, participatory, and helps participates create a thorough understanding of how to achieve better results. Bob is able to work with diverse teams and customize or tailor the program to help them move to the next level. As a result, teams are top performers, accomplishing the program targets with less effort. “
Janice Ivey, Grant Coordinator, Division of  Workforce Solutions

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