Become A More Effective Executive

The Effectiveness Coach® Approach is an assessment-based process based on Peter Drucker’s
timeless principles from his best-selling book, The Effective Executive (1967).

Drucker taught that effectiveness is getting the right things done.

He also emphasized that effectiveness can be learned.
In fact, it must be learned particularly for knowledge workers.

“Every knowledge worker in a modern organization is an  “executive” if,by virtue of his or her position or
knowledge, he or she is responsible for a contribution that materially affects the capacity of the organization
to perform and obtain results.” The Effective Executive, pp 5-9.

The Effectiveness Coach Approach can develop the skills and habits of an Effective Executive

The primary skill or habit involves Managing Oneself. The late Peter F. Drucker, the greatest
management thinker ever, influenced the thinking of leaders of every type of enterprise.

In his classic Harvard Business review article, “Managing Oneself”,
Peter Drucker said, “Success in the knowledge economy comes
to those who know themselves – their strengths, their values,
and how they best perform.”

This emphasizes the importance of mastering our inner game.
For this reason, The Mastering Your Inner Game Process,
a Four Module Component of the Executive Effectiveness™
Process includes the application of assessments that measure
what Drucker was referring to in his article.

Module One: Developing a More Versatile Leadership Style

First, you will assess and raise your awareness of your unique operating style,
discover your strengths, and learn how to optimize your executive effectiveness.

Module Two: Aligning Your Values And Motivators

Next, you will assess your workplace motivators and learn how to align them
to achieve optimal fulfillment in your role to further optimize your capacity.

Module Three: Developing The Seven Competencies of Highly Effective Leaders

The next assessment provides the basis for a personal development plan to master
the following seven capacities that are essential to achieving extraordinary results:

1. Envisioning an outcome
2. Understanding your supporters
3. Communicating your vision
4. Serving others
5. Inspiring others
6. Guiding others
7. Developing yourself

Module Four: Time Use Habits

Peter Drucker, also famously said,
“Unless you can manage time,
you can manage nothing else.”

In this module, you will assess your
time use habit patterns and learn how
to optimize your capacity to master
the use of your time.

The Process

First, you will respond to an online questionnaire and download and review your report.

Next, you will be personally guided through a debrief of your report to assure full
understanding and get maximum value, and co-create a personal action plan.

The Cycle of Mastery™, A Model for Continuous Professional Development
The importance of repetition and reinforcement is the basic premise of mastery
which is illustrated by the following five phases of continuous improvement:

1. Awareness: Essential to identify
development opportunities.

2. Acceptance: Acknowledging relevance.

3. Discovery: Owning gaps between where
you are and where need to be.

4. Action: Applying your discoveries.

5. Accountability: Defining the gap expressed
as getting from X (currentl) to Y (intended)
by when (eg: December 31st).

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