Assuring an Ideal Job-Talent Fit

Your Outer Game Vs. Inner Game

Your outer game relates to the roles you fill and the results you are expected to achieve. Your capacity to excel in the pursuit of your outer game is determined by your inner game. Thus, if you are to master your outer game, it is essential that you first master your inner game. The assessments included in the three steps of Mastering Your Inner Game are primarily designed to increase your awareness of your behavior, motivators, time use habit patterns, and the core competencies essential for a role. This can lead to an action plan for you to become more confident, more impactful, and more personally effective.

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Job-Talent Fit Can Be a Difference Maker

You and your team of key people must know the gaps between what the job requires for superior performance and the talent and skills each one brings to the job — also known as an individual gap report. An effective Talent Management/Development process is essential for a people-centered, profit-driven, growth-smart enterprise. Everyone, whether it is the founder, business owner, CEO, or the last person hired, must have a personal development plan based on their unique gap report.

Where Does Talent Management Begin

If a job could talk, we could hear precisely what is necessary to achieve superior performance. Since jobs can’t talk, we must rely on subject matter experts (SMEs) who understand the reasons the job exists. However, the SME’s natural biases and subjective preferences must be removed. Otherwise, their blind spots can cause difficulty establishing specific talent requirements for the job/role. Thus, a skilled facilitator can be an impartial catalyst to provide guidance to implement each of the steps leading to an ideal job-talent fit.

Turning Good People Into Top Talent

Unfortunately, most of us don’t know what we don’t know. This is particularly true for developing ourselves to optimize our capacity for superior performance. What if there was a way to discover more of our personal blind spots? What if there was a way to determine in advance the requirements for superior performance in every key position — including your own? Well, there is, and it starts by recognizing that most people come on the job scene as “Good People” with “some assembly required” to achieve an ideal job-talent fit. A systematic talent management process is required to develop them (or ourselves) into Top Talent that will excel in a specific role.

Action Step

You may be asking yourself, “What is the difference in the approach if I am the talent who wants to optimize my capacity, and those in key positions from whom I expect superior performance?” Great question. For either situation, begin by defining the unique expectations of the role. Talent management is the first step of the three steps of Mastering Your Outer Game that can accelerate your progress toward building a people-centered, growth-smart enterprise.

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