Are You Accomplishing Your Business Development Objectives?

How Effectively Are You Marketing Yourself or Your Knowledge-Based Enterprise?

Long ago Peter Drucker, the father of business consulting, made a very profound observation that has been lost in the sands of time:

Timeless Principles to Optimize the Effectiveness of a Knowledge-Based Enterprise.

David Maister, International expert on the management of professional service firms and author of Managing the Professional Service Firm (1997) said, “Professional service firms differ from other business enterprises in two distinct ways:

First, they provide highly customized services and thus cannot apply many of the management principles developed for product-based industries.

Second, most professional services have a strong component of face-to-face interaction with the client. Consequently, definitions of quality and service take on special meanings and very special skills are required of top performers.

What is a Professional Service Firm?

Tom Peters, the author of the all-time best-selling book, In Search of Excellence and 18 other works including his 1999 treatise, Reinventing Work: The Professional Service Firm 50, says a professional service firm can be defined in part by the following characteristics:

1. Does work worth paying for every time.

2. It is well-known for something.

3. Has a recognizable signature and distinguishing approach to problems.

4. Leaves a Legacy.

5. Does Work That Matters.

6. Isn’t afraid of the word “sell” [I personally prefer Education-based Marketing].

7. Is proud of its capabilities and wants the world to know about them.

By those defining qualities, any knowledge-based enterprise or solo practitioner can be a professional service firm.

Now, Be Sure You Have a Story to Share

Here are three key principles Don Scales and Fran Biderman-Gross present in their book, How to Lead a Values-Based Professional Services Firm (2020):

1. Purpose: why your business exists. The purpose is the starting point for an organization, regardless of size.

2. Values: the unshakable and unbreakable beliefs and behaviors that define your culture. Values are actionable statements that direct behavior, the essence of how you do things, and simple decision-making filters.

3. Story: the fundamental narrative you share about your business. Stories resonate with people much more than data. The fact is, in the 21st century, if your enterprise isn’t telling and owning its own story, someone else will take control of the narrative.


  • There Are Proven Authoritative Marketing Concepts You Must Master to Grow Your Business.
  •  The Common Thread Among Them is Communicating Effectively to a Clearly Defined Market.
  •  You Must Have a Compelling Story That Establishes You as a Trusted Authority.
  •  Education-Based Marketing Is Essential to Distinctly Position Yourself. as the Authority
  •  You Are at Risk By Not Knowing What You Don’t Know–particularly Marketing Yourself and Your Enterprise

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