The Mastering Your Inner Game Process:
Optimizing Professional and Executive Effectiveness
Facilitated by Bob Moore, CMC, The Effectiveness Coach®

Are you an executive or professional who is overwhelmed and frustrated?

Do you have so much on your plate that it seems there is never enough time to get it all done without forfeiting your personal life?

Mastering Your Inner Game is a five-session coaching process within two Modules or Themes.

Module One: Reclaiming Your Personal Life

Imagine if you could accomplish all of the essentials  with reserves of time and energy.

Session One: Assessing Your Time Use Habits

Peter Drucker, author of the classic book, The Effective Executive famously said . . . .
“Until we can manage how you use time, we cannot manage anything else”.

Drucker also emphasized that effectiveness can be learned.  Effectiveness must be learned. Effectiveness is a set of comprehensive habits that require continuous practice.

Session Two: Eliminating Energy Draining Distractions and Incompletions

Next, you will assess the energy draining distractions in your life and environment and identify opportunities to increase your energy, confidence and impact.

Drucker taught, “Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves – their strengths, their values, and how they best perform.” 

This emphasizes the importance of mastering our inner game. For this reason, The Mastering Your Inner Game™ Process includes a series of assessments that measure what Drucker was referring to in his teachings. Imagine if you could find your genius and operate in your zone of optimal effectiveness.

Module Two: Finding Your Genius

Session Three: Find Your Genius— Your Unique Behavioral Style

In this lesson, you will assess and raise your awareness of your unique operating style, discover your strengths, and learn how to optimize your professional effectiveness.

Session Four: Find Your Genius—Your Values and Motivators

Next, you will assess your workplace motivators and learn how to align them with your key roles so you can achieve optimal fulfillment and further optimize your capacity.

Session Five: Find Your Genius—Your Talents and Competencies

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) once was thought to be the greatest predictor of success. However, we now know that emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) is a greater predictor of success. In this step, you will assess the six elements of EQ so you can optimize your executive and professional effectiveness.